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Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb Ouch... I'm out of breath, this book delivered a solid punch into my guts, right now I'm curled on the floor, leave me alone for a bit, please...Ok, let's start with some numbers4,5 -> the stars this book deserves0 -> the times i could foretell what was going to happen, hence why i fell knocked outover 9000 (actually this quote is wrong, it was 8k in the manga lol) -> the times I gripped my blanket or grinned or punched my fist up with joy just to fall down in desperation a moment later.Ok, this book is about ANGER, anger towards everybody and anything.Fitz ha serious anger issues, he's always bossed around from... well EVERYBODY! The king, verity, patience, burrich, Chade, ecc... He can't have a moment of peace for himself, just a scratch of freedom to decide what to do with his life.He has always something important to do, some war to fight, a plot to unmask and he try to attend at all this things together but it's just too much, he's just a boy, so he snaps and go berserk and hurts the people he loves the most.Fuckin' Regal...So this book is titled "royal assassin", well, why fitz couldn't do some assassin stuff on... uhm, let me think, on REGAL! Yes, I know, I promised... are you crazy!? The guy is trying to kill his own father! just kill him!Ok, I get it, too easy lolYou know what? I think molly is pregnant, at first I thought she just lied about having another one in her life, but then I thought "nah, she must be pregnant", well, I suppose I will find out soon enough XDBeing the anger a destructive thing, a poison, the artermath doesn't surprise hehe An assassin that poison himself with anger, drown himself in anger and then he lose everything, and I mean it.Yes, the second thing this book is about is LOSS, he loses his girlfriend, his friend, the respect of his friends and of all the coastal duchies, he loses his king and his fight against Regal.Ultimately he loses his life too.R.I.P. fitzchivalry... ç_ç