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Assassin's Apprentice - Robin Hobb Yeah, right, assassin's apprentice my foot, ok, you got me.Of course there'll be assassination, plenty of them, BUT.. in this book there's so much more.This is a story about growing up without your mom, your dad and even your NAME, for god sake.Sometimes a men without a name is stronger than a man with a name, even if that man is named “regal”, well my dear Regal, first above all you’re not regal AT ALL, you’re a deceptive little bastard and I want you do die and die suffering.All right, that said I’m a sucker for stories about puppies and dog in general, I love the generous and disinterested sacrifice that only a loyal dog can make to protect his dear owner, it just… I don’t know… It’s really moving… and well, in this book it doesn’t happen one time, nor two time, but three time! What the duck is happening here, my little heart is shattered to pieces, I’m overflowing with emotion.I like how the animals aren’t used instrumentally or just to replenish a void in the plot or things like that, they’ve a central role in the book: fitz/the boy/new boy/ chivalry son/ the bastard/ the fucking bastard/ the bastard son of chivalry… ENOUGH! Just stop, please, this was clear he’s a bastard get over with it!Ok, sorry, what I was saying? Oh, right, the PROTAGONIST/ the main character/ the main bastard ( because there are a lot of bastard – in disguise – oh, you laid nobleman, I’ll cut you’re little pee-wee!) sorry I’m indulging too much on this topic, well, fitz was insulted, berated, humiliated, abandoned ecc… but he found genuine love in the “mind” of his little puppy-friend. Yes, I’ve said “mind”, he can read the mind of an animal and this power is called wit, he can share al kind of sensation, emotion, smell… there’s lots of smelling! When I was reading I was like: ok he’s walking down the street and he smells lots of things, oh, good lad, you’ve a real good nose! NO, WAIT! He’s using the nose of his dog? What the…But wait, that’s not ALL! Because there’s the wit but he has also the SKILL! Ok, what skill? No, the skill!You already said that, what skill!?The skill!*flipping the table*Don’t talk to me, ever again!The skill is the power to read mind, well It wasn’t so hard to say, was it? And why you didn’t call it “mindreading”? oh, yes, maybe because “dogsniffing” isn’t a great name for a super- magic -power, LOL.Well the thing is that fitz has the skill, he’s skilled indeed hehe and eventually he will undertake the training in the skill, and I was like “yessss, I was waiting this moment for 300 pages!” but it was not how I thought it would be, it was beeeetter and why? Because of burrich!Ok, now, lets talk about burrich, he’s great! he’s like hagrid from harry potter, but a little grumpier! And he hate the wit, yes, no joking… “If you use the wit, I won’t talk with you, I’ll reclude myself in the stable!” well, no shit! The surprise is that this threat worked! Ok, more or less, what did you expect? It isnt’ that threatening LOLI love burrich, I want to hug him!I hate the bitch though… yes, ducking bitch! You broke my heart! Stick one of your candle up to… Your chandelier XDThis book was really refreshing, great plot, great characters, great names (ok, maybe not), great dogs! Hence the five stars.And the fool is great too!